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Edited Summarized Transcripts

Customers require transcripts. Nevertheless, you may stretch your budget a little farther without sacrificing impact by making the proper cost decisions. Edited The respondent is verbatim, while the moderator is summarized, in a summary transcription.

Edited Summarized is used by who?
One Moderator: Typing what the moderator says verbatim can be expensive and not actually be useful for study if one person moderates all the groups.
Discussion Guide - Focus group questions that were prepared using the discussion guide's questions as-is. Even if using the precise terms as they are asked for may have value, many clients don't need that level of specificity. If this describes you, editing might be the best option.

IDIs and TDIs:It may be beneficial to type a summary of the question and the response verbatim for repetitive questions like those in an IDI or TDI.
Edited Summarized Transcripts can preserve the research impact of transcripts for all of these types of clients and projects while freeing up some budget space for other objectives that could profit from more research funding.

The Advantages of Summarized Edited Transcripts
Designed so that the participant's speech is verbatim while the moderator's portion of the interview is edited and summarized. reduces the length of the transcript without sacrificing any of the impact or insights.
To help you keep track of who is speaking when and where, you may optionally choose to include timestamps and speaker identification in your format.

Low Price with Great Value
You receive a brief transcript from https://transcriberry.com/academic-transcription-service/ as well as a higher-quality end service at a reduced cost because we simply transcribe what you need. The emphasis is on the respondent speech and making sure all the components are included so that quotes from the research can be used.

Security is unchanged
You're entrusting us with your private documents. We treat your privacy seriously because of this.

We have a segmented audio system, so instead of hearing the entire two hours of focus group audio, our transcribers only hear 10 or 20 minutes of it. Your academic work is safe. To further safeguard our clients' interests, our transcribers and the entirety of our team also sign non-disclosure agreements.
Keeping your files safe is also crucial. Our storage system is first-rate, and we never outsource anything; control is always in your and our hands.

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