Habitat for Humanity Event

Tue, 22. Feb 22 - Wed, 22. Feb 23


Date: Tuesday, 22. February 2022 - Wednesday, 22. February 2023

Time: 12 o'clock



Street: 14-20 Nicholson St

Zip and city: Boston


Habitat for Humanity is non-profit and non-governmental organization, which was founded in 1976 with its operational headquarters in Americus, Georgia. The chief executive officer and the key person of Habitat for Humanity is Jonathan Reckford. Habitat for Humanity offers services concerning simple buildings with decent and affordable housing. The main aim of this organization is protection of human rights. It consists of five area offices located in the United States and Canada, the Middle East and Africa (Pretoria), Asia Pacific (Bangkok, Thailand), Europe and Central Asia (Bratislava, Slovakia), as well as Latin America and the Caribbean (San Jose, Costa Rica). Habitat for Humanity offices act as partnerships on community levels, whereby they are termed as Habitat affiliates under the national management outside the United States.
Habitat for Humanity operations are controlled by non-governmental organizations, which are termed as affiliates. They act according to the national office coordination with a purpose of building habitat homes in the local area. The self-description of the Habitat for Humanity is the Christian housing ministry, which addresses issues related to poverty housing throughout the world. According to the mission plans and statements of the Habitat for Humanity, it concentrates on "seeking to put God's love into action." This statement brings people together to build homes and live as a community with hope. The houses are constructed by the volunteer's labor and then sold with no profit; though some of the countries like the US settle charges of money to cater for inflation (Haun, 2002).
Currently, Habitat for Humanity has a number of finished houses. More than six hundred houses accommodate more than three hundred million people comprised of three hundred communities in five continents of the world (Baggett, 2000). The affiliate's family consists of a committee, which chooses some of the homeowners in relation to level of basic needs and those who have the ability and interest to become the partners of the Habitat for Humanity program (Haun, 2002). Habitat for Humanity programs select the homeowners with an expectation to realize projects in every home and in every location. The aim of the selection is to form a working group referred to as "sweat equity" in order to make adults in each family fulfill wage-earning projects. Moreover, this caters for the health problem issues.
Fund for Humanity stands for the money deposited from the mortgage payments. This money is kept for the future use in the construction program. The mortgage agreements allow the Habitat for Humanity affiliate to have the right of the refusal in an effort to dissuade predatory lenders from disturbing the owners of the family homes. The construction program is carried out due to the efforts of volunteer labor to build simple and accostable homes with partner families. It also involves creating community and the civil society (Haun, 2002).
Habitat for Humanity has a lot of churches and different houses of worship, and this fact favors sponsorships for the volunteers in large numbers (Baggett, 2000). The provision of financial support comes from the corporation. Some of the goods and values, particularly the construction materials, are received from the business and charity providers. Some of the volunteers of Habitat for Humanity are politicians and celebrities. They increase the high provision of non-profit organization program in form of volunteerism.
Programs are supported by Habitat For Humanity International in form of engaging volunteers in development of the mission work. For example, youth programs in Habitat for Humanity help the under ages between five and twenty five years to be involved in the youth programs, such as mission and work. They still have some of the challenges that especially affect students who are in schools though they get their tasks during vacations (Laurence, 2002). Another challenge comes for the habitat participants when they spend most of their weeks in missionary work in other countries. Furthermore, every fulfilled activity can have both positive and negative impacts. Habitat for Humanity participants lose a lot when they travel to hosting sites with the local affiliates; however, it is a way of helping the community to do away with poverty levels.
Habitat for Humanity focuses on a goal to meet the needs of the communities owing to building more houses that are reentered at a low income in families through non-profit-making benefits. Corporation for National and Community Service funds a lot of money to the national service programs, which helps the local habitat affiliates in the operation (Laurence, 2002). This helps the work to be more efficient as it encourages the high provision of the volunteers who put a lot of efforts to succeed in the missionary program. Thus, the capacity for the joining of the new volunteers increases. This is the most important part of the Habitat for Humanity whereby it exists owing to the use of voluntary labor.
A motto "A world where everybody has decent place to live" reflects a good vision for the habitat. Habitat for Humanity is a program, which has helped a lot of people and families to move from a negative situation to a positive environment owing to a very safe plan of well-deserved homes. In a real sense, "Happy to be able to give" and "Neighbors helping neighbors" are nice slogans to be followed by people in the society not only in demand for payment but for the sake of charity work.

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