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A mental health professional can be any psychologist, counselor, registered nurse, social worker, or psychiatrist. Primary care physicians or family doctors can also provide ESA Letterbecause they are well aware of the situation of the patient. The patient can select an ESA for himself but most of the time, mental health professionals assign ESA according to the situation of the patient.


Many people prefer to keep kangaroos as emotional support animals. But it is difficult to travel with kangaroos because ESAs are not allowed in public places most of the time. You cannot take kangaroos to restaurants because many people are afraid of them.

Pigs are considered crucial ESAs because it is believed by many scientists that pigs have a cognitive match with humans. In fruits, can dogs eat blueberries? Yes they can. Blueberry is a healthy fruit for canines. They can provide more emotional connectivity and support to the people as compared to other animals. But most of the time, they become disruptive as well, so before keeping them as ESA, they need to be well trained.

Turkeys are big birds that are considered as one of the best emotional support animals in the world. They are more effective in providing companionship to mentally ill people. These are usually calm and loving birds, which further increases their importance as an ESA.

These are considered to be one of the smallest emotional support animals in the world. Small emotional support animals are easy to manage and are easier to travel with. But these animals require more care because they can run away. There are many cases in which they got loose and ran away from their owners.

Many people like to keep snakes as their ESA. But snakes are considered dangerous animals as compared to other emotional support animals. Many airlines do not allow traveling with snakes because they can be harmful to other passengers. It is even difficult to get an ESA letter for housing for snakes because they can pose dangers to the neighbors, especially threatening the safety of the children.

Peacocks are considered as most cuddly or affectionate animals as compared to other animals. Many people consider them to be the most loving animals. But it does not mean they can go anywhere with their owners. They are usually prohibited in public places. More care is required in keeping peacocks as an emotional support animal because they can fly away sometimes.

In the emotional support world, miniature horses are usually considered as more famous and well-respected animals. Most of the time, flights do not allow passengers to carry miniature horses with them, while others give green light to travel with miniature horses.

Choosing an ESA can be hard sometimes as there are several things to consider while making this decision. Once you make a decision, it is not difficult to get an emotional support dog letter for these animals. After you get the letter, you can easily take your animal anywhere you want. So choose wisely!

Goats are considered one of the best ESAs in providing emotional support to mentally ill people. Even though goats can help keep your lawns tidy and provide comfort in times of need, they cannot be kept inside the house and are hard to travel with.

Parrots are considered the most attractive emotional support animals due to their colorful appearance. Some of the breeds are talkative as well due to which they are most influential in providing support to the people.

Capuchins can also be considered good ESAs. They are considered to be quite similar to humans due to which they can provide more effective support to the owner. They also play an important role as service animals for people with physical disabilities. They can also be kept in the house for non-medical purposes. But they need to be kept with care and love because they can become aggressive once they mature.

Dogs are considered the best emotional support animals. They provide good companionship to the owner and do not leave them alone whenever they need them. Dogs even do not get prohibited from traveling as they are environment friendly. They are also easier to train as compared to most animals.

Just like dogs, cats are also calm and most loving ESAs. For healthy dog food, can dogs eat strawberries? Yes, Strawberries are full of fiber. They remain with their owner till their death and never leave the house without them. They provide good companionship and love to the owner. They are considered best in order to reduce the symptoms of mental illness in people.

Rabbits are a kind of ESAs that provide calmness and love to people with symptoms of mental illness. They are easy to carry and remain in the house. Flights do not even have a problem if people carry rabbits with them.

Some people do not like the fur and feathers in animals. Such people can keep turtles as their ESA. They are calm and easy to carry in a flight. Moreover, they don't shed fur and would be ideal for people with allergies.

People who like birds can keep pigeons as their emotional support animal. They can be surprisingly emotional and affectionate.

Many people like small animals and prefer to keep rats as ESA. However, it is difficult to keep an eye on the rat due to their small size as they can even hide in the small corners of the house.

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