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An ESA provides support and love to the people suffering from adverse impacts of mental illness. However, keeping emotional support animals requires proper documentation and recommendation from a licensed therapist. In dog diet plan, can dogs eat watermelon? Yes they can, as it helps to digest food and gives energy. Mental health professionals provide ESA letters after the complete examination of the condition of the patient. Some doctors assign ESA to the patients but some refuse to do so. They think that emotional support animals cannot help them to get rid of the adverse impacts of mental illness. Many doctors recommend an ESA along with therapy and medications.


The choice of the ESA depends upon the patients. They can also ask doctors to recommend an ESA according to their situation. Before choosing the suitable emotional support animal for yourself, analyze your space of the home and the type of animal that you love most. Patients need to think practically to select such emotional support animals that are best suited to their conditions.

If you want to select a big animal, think about your house space whether you can accommodate animals there or not. Do you want a calm animal or a noisy one? While selecting an emotional support animal, think about your neighbors as well because the noisy animal can disturb them and deteriorate your social relationships with others. In various dried fruits, can dogs eat almonds? The answer is no, as it can be harmful while eating them. After thinking about all these factors, it will become easier to choose an appropriate emotional support animal. There are some examples of the most appropriate ESAs, which can make the decision easier. These animals are as follows:


There are many benefits associated with keeping a cat as an ESA because you can even accommodate them in a small space. Cats are very calm animals and do not need regular walks as dogs do. So it is not a problem for them to live in a small apartment. Cats sleep 15 hours a day and it is not difficult for you to continuously keep an eye on them. Even if you have a small apartment, cats can easily make their space to live on, such as on windowsill, top of furniture or bookshelves, etc.


There are different breeds of dogs that people can consider keeping as emotional support animals. French bulldogs, King Charles spaniel, Bichon Frises and Yorkshire Terriers are best for this purpose. It is very convenient to live with all these breeds of dogs because of their loving and supportive nature. These dogs do not need much space to live and can adjust themselves in a small apartment as well. An esa letter can keep the owner both emotionally and physically strong. Dogs have an ideal temperament, which makes them perfect to be selected as an emotional support animal.


Rabbits are considered ideal ESAs because they are cuddly, cute and are not considered high-maintenance animals, just like dogs. Many people overlook rabbits while going through the process of selecting a good ESA. There is a misconception on keeping rabbits as ESAs that they have to be kept outside the house. But if you keep the bunny outside of your house, it can have adverse impacts on him like catching diseases, being attacked by predators, and getting sick because of adverse weather conditions. So it is beneficial to keep the ESA rabbits inside the house and play with them to alleviate the adverse impacts of mental illness. It is easy to get an esa letter for housing to keep rabbits indoors. These letters prove helpful if a landlord objects to you keeping a pet.

Fancy Rodents

Fancy rodents are considered amazing emotional support animals as they have so much love and attention for the owner. It is very easy to keep inside the house due to its small size. Rodents have a very small cage that can be kept anywhere in the house without having any sort of issue. Like rabbits, rodents do not require free space to move around and it is very easy to control them. Fix playtime in any area of your house and it will be good for the rodents. It will improve the physical health of the patients and will strengthen the bond between ESA and the owner.

These are the most common and convenient animals which can be considered while choosing a good emotional support animal for you. These animals do not have any kind of issue with the space of the house and are the handiest and ideal ones. Many animals should not be kept in the house as emotional support animals. People need to avoid any type of large breed dog because it can prove harmful for the owner. It can deteriorate the whole interior of the house and cannot be kept inside. Moreover, it could be hard to get an ESA letter for such animals. For example, snakes should be avoided while choosing an ESA because it is difficult, even for the owner, to deal with its adverse impact. Many people keep birds as an emotional support animal, but it can be proved as a wrong idea because most of the time they fly away from their owners.

While selecting an animal as an ESA, try to consider those animals that can be easily adjusted in-house. Also, an emotional support animal should not be disruptive for neighbors because it will deteriorate your social relations. Many emotional support animals can prove disruptive while traveling through flight, so it is also an important point to consider. The selection of emotional support animals also depends upon the mental condition of the patient. Hence, all these points should be kept in mind while selecting an animal as an ESA.

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