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What do the students usually do when they cannot cope with their essay? Of course, they are looking for a custom free essay writer Nowadays it is already a habit to use a custom essay whenever there are some problems that bother you writing your own work.

Since not so long ago I was also a student, I can understand all the other students perfectly. And I will lie if I tell that I have no idea about the custom essay. It was not a usual case for me to use the help of the writing services, however it was once or twice that I purchased or downloaded my works from the Internet.

Anyway, I am not going to tell you that cheating is good or bad. There are different situations that can justify some cases of cheating. I want to tell all the students that your professors know everything about various writing services and all the other widgets that help the students to avoid writing their works.

I also would like to pay your special attention to the fact that the teaching staff of every college/university is struggling with this phenomenon and inventing various methods to prevent it. Thus, I want to tell you about those methods.
Do not think that your professors use their computers only for typing the documents or checking the students' works. By the way, they are also advanced users of the computers and are aware of all the modern devices. So, your professors use special plagiarism-checking sites. These sites send special colored reports where all the original sources that were used by the students are mentioned.

Colleges/universities design special Honor Code that states the main principle of the students' life. This main principle is about the academic integrity. It means that all the real students should possess this feature and all kinds of cheating should be regarded as incompatible with the students' nature.

The last method is encouraging a phenomenon of peer pressure. Imagine if all your peers would be brought up according to the principle oh the Honor Code and you will be the one who breaks this law. You will be just an odd type who will be considered as the #1 enemy.

So, next time when you think of using custom free essay writers, think whether some of these methods will not be applied to you.

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