Different types of EOT cranes?

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The EOT crane means an electric overhead crane also called a bridge crane that consists of a runway that runs parallel to the gap bridge and is a bridge crane that is widely used in most factories. An EOT crane is a machine used to transport materials from one location of a workshop or construction site to another. EOT cranes

EOT crane types:

Double girder EOT crane:

The double girder the configuration has two double girders with two trolleys and hoists that run along the beam axis. The advantage of the double girder bridge crane system is that, for both top and under running, the hoist is placed between the girders rather than under the girder, resulting in higher lift height.

Double girder EOT crane, double girder electric overhead travelling crane. A form of double girder EOT crane running on two parallel overhead tracks of a single span flat slab bridge. Double girder EOT cranes usually consist of three parts: mechanical, electrical and metal structure. Looking For EOT Crane Manufacturer

The structure of the double girder EOT crane is mainly composed of lifting carriage, electrical equipment, main girder and end girder. The main bearing body consists of rail, operating room, end girder, main girder and walking platform.

Overview of Double Girder EOT Crane:

Double girder EOT cranes can only be used if the following conditions are met:

• Lifting capacity: 15-50 feet
• Maximum span: 20-80 feet
• Lifting capacity: 5 to 100 tons
• Long moving speed: 350 fpm
• Crossing speed: 150 fpm
• Hoisting speed: 60 fpm

Single girder EOT crane:

The single girder has a single girder with a trolley and hoist that run along the axis of the beam. Single-running bridge crane systems, whether top-running or under running, offer the advantages of economic cost and weight reduction compared to equivalent double girders. It can also be installed faster.

Overview of single girder crane:

A single girder crane can be used only if the following conditions are met.
• Lifting capacity: 15-50 feet
• Maximum span: 20-50 feet
• Lifting capacity: 1 to 15 tons
• Long moving speed: 200 fpm
• Crossing speed: 100 fpm
• Hoisting speed: 10-60 fpm

The operating range of the EOT crane is configured as a rectangle. This is because of the crane span structure of the bridge crane can achieve vertical movement along both sides of the rail laid on the elevated frame. Crane span structure. The unique construction allows the crane to take full advantage of the space under the crane span structure and lift the material from the ground without interruption.

EOT cranes are widely used in several areas such as indoor and outdoor warehouses, factories, heads, and outdoor material storage yards. EOT cranes are important tools and equipment in modern industrial production and transportation and production processes.

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