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Date: Wednesday, 25. July 2018 - Thursday, 25. October 2018

Time: 12 o'clock


Location: India

Street: S. R. Nagar

Zip and city: Hyderabad


In today's world there is huge demand for high capacity tower cranes. These are used for the lifting of concrete slabs to a maximum height. These are assembled and attached with a horizontal jib. These are designed to lift the heavier weights from large distances.

Durga Cranes has in depth knowledge on all types of cranes present in the international markets. In India the usability of these cranes has been increase to a large extend from the past 5 years. So we are offering Tower Crane Hire in Hyderabad.

We are in this business since from the last decade and have gone through many of the projects where our work and service was very much appreciated. We make our cranes lease for moths/years according to the duration of the construction.

As the Tower Crane is fully equipped with all types of safety parameters there is no chance for any type of life risk at the site. The efficiency of these cranes is very much high when compared with all other sorts of cranes.

The entire cabin of operator is fully equipped and is simple to operate. These cranes require very less maintenance and will work with good reliability. In order to reach the customer needs we are offering Tower Crane Rental Services in Hyderabad.

Durga Crane Services
S. R. Nagar, Hyderabad - 500038,
Telangana, India
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