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Date: Tuesday, 26. September 2017

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Field Engineer, the motive force behind the renowned freelance marketplace , differentiated itself yet again with its receipt of a Special Mention at the 2017 Service Delivery Innovation Summit. The SDI Summit, held in London beginning on September 27, named as the Best Emerging Industry Accreditation Startup.


The annual SDI awards gathering gauges different firms on their ability to realize innovative uses of technology. Although this means that the award recipients hail from a variety of specialties, it also demands that they outshine countless other companies. Enterprises that win recognition not only have to rise to the top of their respective telecom fields but also demonstrate their prowess in the face of fierce competition from diverse service providers.

The freelance Field Engineer platform allows businesses to connect with telecom & IT field engineers from around the world and cooperate on various projects. The web-based application lets engineers advertise their skills, promote their credentials and search for freelance gigs, but unlike other services, it also allows them to submit bids, negotiate employment terms and receive payment. Companies in search of talent can fund accounts to manage their field engineering staff budgets, oversee job progress in real time and perfect the way they evaluate and hire background-cleared bidders.

The Emerging Startup Special Mention placed in good company with multinational technology giants, such as Huawei and PCCW Global. The awards drew highly regarded international visitors and speakers who represented their companies and shared novel ideas that are sure to shape the way telecom technology practices evolve for years to come. CEO and founder, Malik Zakaria, was also in attendance, and he delivered a well-received presentation that shed light on how enterprises could continue overcoming the hurdles associated with providing services in a world of rapid internet expansion and B2B workforce growth.

According to Zakaria, the mention served as a welcome acknowledgment of his company's progress. "Since the beginning, we've dedicated ourselves to making career management easier for field engineers and empowering telecom companies to tap into pools of highly skilled specialists," Zakaria said. "Although we've faced challenges along the way, we're proud to be redefining the way professionals make the connections that help them drive their careers forward."

The SDI Summit Special Mention shows that the model may represent the future of freelance employment. As workforces grow increasingly distributed, companies will undoubtedly look towards web platforms like this one to help them find telecom engineers with valuable skills. It's only a matter of time before other industries follow suit.


Field Engineer is a unique freelance marketplace geared towards telecom stakeholders and professionals. By helping telecom field engineers and businesses interact seamlessly, the company seeks to dramatically reduce the burdens of hiring, job hunting, vetting, and payment. To learn more, visit , or download the Field Engineer app for Android or iOS.

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