What are the types of wire rope hoists?

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A hoist is a device used to lift and lower loads with a drum or lift wheel around which a wire rope or chain is wound. The actual lifting mechanism of a crane is commonly called a hoist, so the terms crane and hoist are somewhat interchangeable.

The hoist can be considered the most important component of an overhead crane. This is because the device actually performs the lifting and lowering of the load. The hoist can be considered the most important component of an overhead crane system. This is because the device actually lifts and lowers the luggage.

In our industry, you will definitely get the perfect and highest quality wire rope hoist. But getting the best wire rope hoist or winch is not enough. You need to know how to get the most out of this machine. This will help the industry grow and explore.

The electric wire rope hoist is driven by an electric motor in order to easily lift heavy objects. In addition, it is very safe and convenient. About 80% of companies use wire rope hoists instead of manual hoists because of their convenience. There are many wire rope hoist manufacturers in India, offering high quality wire rope hoists all over the world.


Hoist types:

A hoist can be defined by two main characteristics:

Lifting medium (wire rope or chain) used to support the load
Power supply used to perform the lift (manual / manual, electric, or pneumatic)

Chain hoist:

The chain hoist uses a metal chain as a lifting medium, pulls the chain through a sprocket, and then stacks it in a container.

Wire rope hoist:

A wire rope hoist uses a wire rope as a lifting medium, and wraps a wire rope cable around a grooved drum. Wire rope hoists can be driven manually, electrically or pneumatically.

Manual hoist:

Manual hoists can be designed in either a chain or wire rope configuration and are primarily used for lifts where lift speed is not critical. One chain is used to raise and lower the load, and the other chain is used to support the load. The chain is pulled using handover hand motion, or a handheld lever or ratchet, rotates the gear in the hoist and places the chain in the chain basket.

Electric hoist:

Electric hoists can be designed to use a chain or wire rope, and an electric motor is used to rotate the gear in the hoist to raise or lower the load. The electric hoist is controlled by push button pendant or radio control. Typically, the electric hoist is wired to the crane's electrification system and utilizes 220v / 440v or 230v / 460v. Lightweight electric hoist uses 110v and can be plugged directly into a standard outlet. Looking For Electric wire rope hoist

Air hoist:

Air hoists are ideal for industrial and heavy-duty production environments and offer exceptional performance in high-speed, heavy service environments with constant start and stop. They have high lifting capacity (up to 100 tons) and are not affected by high heat environment. Air hoists are frequently used in explosion-proof environments and can be configured to be fire resistant using brass or stainless steel parts.

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