List the Different types of Cranes?

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A Crane is a collection of simple machines are essentially used for heavy construction work and lifting all kind of objects. They are always equipped with at least a winder, cables, ropes, and chains. These cranes are manufactured in different types of sizes and designs.

Different Types of Cranes:

There are so many different types of cranes, all of them are designed to be safe, reliable, and to be able to lift the capacity you need, depending on the type and model that you choose.

Here is below are some of the different types of cranes generally used:

Mobile Crane:

Mobile cranes are commonly mounted on wheeled vehicles, these are One of the most powerful pieces of equipment in the construction business. Different types of crane serve a temporary purpose, and a mobile crane may be little more than a robust steel boom fitted to a transportable platform. They have a maximum height of about 400 feet and can lift hundreds of thousands of pounds. mobile cranes are used for building and maintaining highways, bridges, buildings, pipelines, and towers.

Gantry Crane:

Gantry cranes have become the most popular alternative to overhead bridge cranes. Gantry cranes can be used in various industries. These machines are available in fixed or adjustable heights and are made of steel or aluminum depending on the purpose. This crane employs a strong overhead gantry to lift and steer very heavy industrial loads. They are similar to bridge cranes, the bridge is supported by a pair of hard steel legs carried by a pair of end tracks along the floor level runway.

Tower Crane:

A tower crane is a form of balance crane which is commonly used in urban construction sites. They are used to lift concrete, steel, large tools, and a variety of other building materials. A tower crane is controlled by a driver who either sits high above in a small cabin located at the top of the tower or else uses a remote control system to operate his machine from the ground. They often rise hundreds of feet into the air and can reach out just as far.

EOT Cranes :

EOT Cranes are the most common lifting solutions used in a variety of workplaces, such as assembly lines, research facilities, and manufacturing plants.
EOT Cranes, or electric overhead traveling cranes, consist of one or more beams that can move along a supporting gantry rail. Pelloby is a leading EOT crane manufacturer that designs and manufactures customized systems to meet all lift requirements. Looking For EOT Crane Manufacturer

Marine crane:

Marine cranes are mostly located on the shoreline or attached to the ship or the ship itself. They are used to lift and place the boat from the shore into the water or, if attached to the ship, to lift objects back into the ship or the water.

Crawler crane:

A crawler crane is a crane for a caterpillar truck. This crane is generally very stable. Its broad base and tracking disperse weight over a wide range.

Industrial cranes:

Industrial cranes are material movement machines that use levers and pulleys to operate long trusses and arms to lift, lower, carry, or move small machines or anything that can not be moved manually. Designed for use in specific configurations.

Aerial crane or flying crane:

Aerial cranes are also known as flight cranes or sky cranes. Aerial cranes provide the largest range of any crane, which is probably part of the aircraft.

Loader cranes:

These are Also known as knuckle-boom cranes or articulating cranes, these cranes are attached to trailers. Their hydraulically powered arms have a simple purpose - to load and unload material and equipment of a wide range of weight onto and off of a trailer.

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