Demand for Speciality chemicals in China, Exporting from India.

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Date: Thursday, 03. January 2019 - Friday, 03. January 2020

Time: 12 o'clock


Location: India

Street: IDPL Colony

Zip and city: Hyderabad


According to the recent reports, Indian Chemical Industry occupies market worth $160 billion. In those Speciality chemicals makes 20 percent of its value.

With an Increased Demand for special chemicals, Chinese are depending on India in exporting chemicals. It is happening due to the strict environmental norms introduced by China. With these measures, 40% of Chinese chemical manufacturing industries were temporarily shut down.

There are many numbers of Speciality Chemicals Manufacturers in India who offers chemicals of required compositions. Reddy N Reddy Pharma is known for its chemical services all over India and Hyderabad.

With Experienced Professionals, this company is moving forward in offering the best range of chemicals with seasonal offers. Usage of latest technologies with the best infrastructure has placed RNR Pharma in this position.

It was expected that the speciality chemicals Industry was going to increase by 10 % in the overall market. That will be a good sign for the Indian Chemical Industry.

Reddy N Reddy Pharma manufactures eco-friendly chemicals that are used for various industrial needs. Having a great experienced and serving many industries make us happy.

For Specialty Chemicals Manufacturers in Hyderabad Please Visit the address mentioned below.

Reddy N Reddy Pharma
IDA Gandhinagar ,Opp. IDPL Colony,
Hyderabad -500 037
Email :
Telephone : 98480 96759 - 98481 96759 -70971 76759

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